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2020 - what a year indeed! We gladly bid adieu to 2020, and look forward to a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2021. 

THE END APPEARS TO BE IN SIGHT (fingers crossed!)
We're not out of the woods yet, but vaccines have arrived in Utah and in many other states as of press time. It's reassuring that we have a potential path to normalcy in 2021, with the possible end of the pandemic. We are enormously grateful to the scientists and healthcare workers that have worked tirelessly to look after our health during this past year and roll out vaccines in a herculean schedule. 
The snow has arrived, temperatures have been ideal for snowmaking, and the ski lifts are turning! It is great to have skiing and snowboarding back in our lives following the early closure of the resorts last season. Operations at the resorts are quite a bit different this year. Each of our local resorts has enacted COVID-related safety measures this season, addressing everything from lift lines and ticket sales, to parking and concessions. 
We strongly recommend that you review the most up-to-date operational plans for the resorts before your visit. And if one bit of advice can be offered, it is this: plan ahead and make reservations whenever possible!
If you haven't planned ahead and made reservations, you may find it a little hard to gain access to the ski lifts during the busy holiday season. The resorts are making changes to try and keep up with inquiries. However, many days during the upcoming weeks are already fully booked. 
Fortunately, many great opportunities exist for winter fun in and around Park City! Check out our Winter Happenings Guide to see what other options are available for you to get out and enjoy this winter wonderland.

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Despite the difficulties of 2020, our industry has much for which to be grateful. Thanks to you, our friends and clients, for your part in the most active year in real estate on record.  Final numbers aren't in yet, but the market had a record-breaking year in 2020.

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While we've had a top-performing year, it is important to remember that most local businesses have not. Park City's small businesses are our heart and soul; literally our Main Street. Fortunately, there are myriad ways that we can help out our local shops, restaurants, and retailers, including the "Shop In Utah" program.
To help support businesses in need, consider supporting the COVID-19 Impacted Businesses Grant Program, known as Shop In Utah. It is a grant program to help support businesses and provide discounts to consumers.
Participating Businesses Include:
Billy Blanco's
Chimayo Restaurant
Hugo Coffee Shop
Personal PT
Puravida On Main

Full List of Participants

Red Banjo Pizza
Sushi Blue
Tarahumara Mexicana
Twisted Fern
Windy Ridge Bakery
Zoe's Day Spa

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As 2020 winds down, and we anticipate "rounding the curve" on the pandemic sometime in 2021, we extend our warmest wishes to you and yours for a happy, healthy, and wonderful 2021. We hope to see you on the slopes, trails, tracks, and amidst whatever adventures you seek in the Wasatch Back. 
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