Park City Talks More Gondolas Across Community to Fight Car Traffic

Hello Folks,
One of the growth-related issues we are grappling with here in Park City is traffic. Earlier this Summer UDOT proposed a solution to morning and afternoon traffic congestion in our entry corridors SR-224 and SR-248 that would have added extra lanes of traffic, bringing SR-224 to seven lanes and SR-248 to five lanes. The “pile ‘em in” approach. This solution was never going to work, was roundly condemned by our leaders and just about everyone else in town, and has now been dropped by UDOT.
However, the problem won’t go away unless we solve it, so this past week our City Council spoke briefly about a solution that I think has a lot of merit, a series of airborne transport solutions, most likely gondolas. These would connect key areas in town and possibly reach out as far as Kimball Junction and Quinn’s Junction.
Where this is a very important issue and where this is such an elegant solution in a mountain town, I thought it worthwhile to send the article to you in case you missed it. Expect to see a lot more discussion on this in the coming year.
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