Hello Folks,

This coming Thursday is my favorite day of the entire year, every year. It is the time I most reflect on how lucky I am to have such a wonderful, loving family, and how lucky I am to live in this wonderful town of ours. As many you know, I grew up in Australia, where the Holidays fall in the middle of Summer. I have vivid memories of being a small child singing “White Christmas” with sweat dripping down my nose wondering what the fuss was all about. I was 32 years old before I experienced a snowy Holiday Season, and then it all made sense… The Holidays are meant to be White! And this year they sure are…

Wishing you and your Loved Ones a wonderful Thanksgiving and a special Holiday Season.

Murray Gardner

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It has allowed many of our resorts to open early. Deer Valley is set to open early for the first time in over three decades because of the “historic early-snow conditions.” As of November 14th, Utah's snowpack is listed at 313% of normal for this time of the year, according to the Natural Resources Conservation Service data. Park City and Woodward are already up and running, as are Alta, Brian Head, Brighton, Snowbasin, Snowbird, and Solitude.

Hopefully, if we keep doing our collective snow dances and sending out more grateful vibes, the snowy trend will continue for an epic La Nina winter!

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We are fortunate to have so many beloved local events that reflect our community's unique culture, charm, and character. We missed many of these events dearly over the last couple of years, and having most of them back in full swing helps us appreciate them more than ever. Just a few of our favorites, new and old, for which we are thankful include:
Savor the Summit
Miner's Day Parade
Kimball Arts Festival
Midway Plein Air
Soldier Hollow Sheepdog Classic
Deer Valley Summer Concert Series

Oakley Rodeo
Midway Swiss Days
Francis Frontier Days
4th of July
Sundance Film Festival
Park City Shot Ski 
(we got the record again!)
Running With Ed
Park City Song Summit
Snow Globe Stroll

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Whether it is the groomed track at Soldier Hollow, the purpose-built Olympic training facilities at the Utah Olympic Park, or the action sports playgrounds at Woodward, our community is truly one of the best locations in the world for cultivating Olympic-caliber athletes.

Of course, it takes support from our community to ensure that these facilities maintain their competitive edge. Thankfully we have generous donors such as the George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation, whose support for the Utah Olympic Park was instrumental in helping complete a recent expansion at the Park. This expansion added several steep alpine training runs and a new lift that will help the Park maintain a competitive edge in training tomorrow's Olympic alpine athletes.

Here's hoping our locally-grown winter athletes might enjoy a home competition in one of the upcoming winter Olympic games in either 2030 or 2034.

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Much like our athletic community, we are graced with an abundance of world-class individuals in our artistic community. One only has to stroll the streets and galleries of Park City or Midway to experience a kaleidoscopic array of artistry, from photography and painting to sculpture, street art, and live music.

Our creative local artists benefit from the support of our local community. Whether it is in the form of the Kimball Art Center, the Sundance Film Festival, the Park City Song Summit, the Eccles Center, or the Egyptian Theater, our artists have a wonderfully supportive culture in which to flourish. 

Looking for art? Check out this map of Park City's Public Art, or visit the Park City Arts Councils' creative directory to learn more about our local arts scene.

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Most communities would count themselves lucky to have any old ski area. We currently have two world-class ski areas, a best-in-class action sports park, and countless miles of trails for cross-country skiing, snow biking, and snowshoeing. 

Deer Valley and Park City resorts offer incredible skiing and snowboarding on a collective area of almost 10,000 acres. Deer Valley was recently awarded the Best Resort in the United States by the World Ski Awards, and Park City has worked over the course of the summer to elevate its offerings this coming winter. Woodward is entering its fourth year of winter operations, and no doubt the parks, pipe, and tubing will be better than ever.

As if this isn't enough, our community will soon be home to the brand-new Mayflower Mountain Resort, which is currently under construction and is tentatively due to begin its ski operations in late 2024.

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WE'RE GRATEFUL FOR THE GENEROUS PHILANTHROPISTS, INDIVIDUALS, AND ORGANIZATIONS IN OUR COMMUNITY. They work tirelessly for the benefit of others. Below are a few that we would like to give special recognition to this year:

We thank Live PC Give PC, the annual fundraising drive organized by the Park City Community Foundation. These folks beat the drum and rally the troops each year to raise millions of dollars for our local charities. Check out this year's results! The foundation and their member non-profits raised over $5 million dollars in just one day!

We thank Utah Open Lands and Summit Land Conservancy for their amazing efforts to protect land and open spaces throughout our community. To date, they have been instrumental in the preservation of thousands of acres of open space, with many more efforts currently underway, including an effort to preserve over 400 acres on Iron Mountain. 

We thank the Park City Board of Realtors for their charitable efforts in our community. Through their Hats Off for Affordable Housing event, PCBOR raised $70,000 for affordable housing in our community this year. Combined with an extremely generous matching grant from Beano Soloman to the Mountainlands Community Housing Trust, these efforts netted over $140,000 in funds for affordable housing in our community. 

We thank the folks at the Park City Turkey Drive and The Market Park City, who help feed hundreds of local and regional families Thanksgiving dinners each year. With food costs up this year, their generosity is appreciated more than ever!

We thank the George and Dolores Eccles Foundation for their philanthropic support of our numerous cultural venues locally and throughout the state. Most recently they provided a generous donation to the Utah Olympic Park, helping the park complete a large expansion that will help train Olympic hopefuls for many years to come. 
We thank the individuals and organizations who work tirelessly to keep us safe and sound while we enjoy winter recreation here in the Wasatch Back and beyond. Special thanks to:

Ski Patrol: These fabulous humans and canines work hard to keep us safe at the resorts. Whether it is getting up in the wee hours to perform snow safety, helping out when first aid is needed, or merely assisting wayward guests in finding their way down the mountain, our patrollers and their highly trained pups are the best!

Our Local First Responders: Our local Sheriff's Department and Emergency Responders usually get a lot busier with the onset of winter weather, responding to a variety of calls throughout our communities. We greatly appreciate their efforts to keep us safe and healthy. 

Utah Avalanche Center: The dedicated individuals at the UAC have been working to "keep us on top" for many decades here in the Wasatch. We may be biased, but we think they are the best avalanche forecasters in the business, and their weather reports aren't too shabby either.

Wasatch Backcountry Rescue: You hope to never see them, but if you need them, you'll be glad they are there. We have a lot of folks out and about enjoying our bounty of winter goods each season, and we are thankful that Wasatch Backcountry Rescue has a team of highly-trained search and rescue experts at the ready.

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Check out Park City Restaurant Association's guide to Thanksgiving dining options. It's probably too late to order a catered Thanksgiving, but dining-out options are still available!

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You can probably tell from this newsletter that we have snow on the brain this year! It is hard not to when we are off to such a great start to our winter season. Of course, we have so much beyond snow for which to be thankful. 

We are 
THANKFUL FOR YOU for being a part of our network of friends, clients, and family and therefore, part of our incredible community here in Park City and the Wasatch Back. We send our best wishes to you and yours during this holiday season, and we hope that you enjoy a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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